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And ofc: No clients/users, no investments
..and one of the most time-consuming, as well..
You know that Product Idea you hold in mind?
We are launching the community that will help you build it!
The kindergarten for grown ups
What is the most crucial step in building a product?
Exactly! Finding people for feedbacks while 
you’re building the product
After that step, comes also the “Finding the Clients/Users” pain-in-the-ass part
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Like-minded fellas eager to create cool stuff to improve people’s lives or help businesses grow. Yeah, they are all crazy like you!
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You’ll be the first to test cool products that may (or may not) disrupt the market!
Give and Take
You test products and other builders test yours.
By doing this, you help innovators to grow and they exchange the favour.
This way we avoid spamming you or others with stuff you couldn’t care less about!
We are here to solve this pain!
If a problem does not concern you, why should you test a product that solves it?
Our philosophy: only JBTD
Join the kindergarten for grown ups
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