Fintech without code. Fintech product not for $250,000, but for $10,000.
This practical guide is written by our own CEO, Alexandr Moskalenko.

Should a Fintech product in 2023 cost from $250,000 or with a new No-Code approach in development it can cost from $10,000, this will be discussed in this article.

A year ago a client approached us with the idea of creating his own Fintech startup. Before you write to our no-code development company NCB, he had applied to a specialized company that develops Fintech products using ordinary code, especially such programming languages as JavaScript, Python, C++, etc. Since I'm a big Fintech fan, at that time I knew everything about the Fintech industry and products, how they are built, and how they are developed, I also knew all the Fintech service contractors and all the providers. That company told Mark that his startup would cost $250,000 minimum and more than six months of work to implement!
At the time I had a company called NCB, which still develops MVPs for startups using No-Code and Low-Code technologies, but it was not a specialized Fintech company, only I was a Fintech fan in our company.
After talking with Mark, I sent a test assignment to my team, because I was eager to get this project into development and was curious to understand if we could develop a Fintech startup using No-Code and Low-Code technologies. We've been investigating, analyzing, and calculating the risks for a long time, and came to the conclusion that this complicated Fintech product can be developed using No-Code and Low-Code solutions that we have. I will now explain how this is possible.

The frontend does this:

Instead of HTML, CSS and JavaScript we use the new, modern visual programming languages Bubble or Adalo, in this project we used Bubble. Its advantage is that it can solve the same problems that are solved by conventional Frontend programming languages, only in production it will be 10x faster, and therefore much cheaper.

The backend goes like this:

Instead of: JavaScript or Python, we use a combination of several No-Code, and Low-Code platforms.And we create a system that can solve any problem.The difference between low and nocode is that No-Code is a platform in which no code is used at all, while Low-Code is a more complex system in which you can write code within modules, if necessary. Both are very powerful solutions, capable of solving a huge number of tasks and queries. We can connect all the functions of your favorite Fintech providers to the fintech product without any problems and in full volume: сorezoid, plaid, railsr, railsbank, currencycloud, visa, mastercard, nium, google cloud, ondato, modulr.

A question may arise: What about licensing and certification?
Is it possible to use No-Code and low-Code solutions for Fintech products from this point of view.
It turned out that yes.
For example Corezoid Low-Code application, gives us PCI DSS, HIPAA certification and others, and it fits our needs perfectly.
As they say: "Corezoid Actors Engine is a technology for creating "digital twins" companies, a competitor to the old classic programming languages. Corezoid-based solutions can get any necessary certifications: PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc."

So it became clear that we could offer the client a technical solution built entirely on No and Low-Code platforms.
We successfully implemented the project I mentioned above, and this project was the beginning of our new company FintechNoCode. And we are the first company in the world to develop fintech products using advanced No-Code and Low-Code technologies, namely Babble in conjunction with Corezoid.
Our approach enables us to reduce the cost of manufacturing fintech products by 10x, and increase the speed of their production by a multiple.

You can find our case studies here. We are ready to answer all your questions related to the development of fintech products using No-Code and Low-Code.

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