Work with your solo talent force in B2B fashion

Onboard an array of domestic and global talents (i.e. freelancers, contractors, influencers and many more) with ease and in compliance. Receive tax deductible invoices and make secure payments.
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Expand your freelance force across borders

Engage in business with solo professionals located anywhere. Process invoices and make cross currency pay-outs easily and swiftly.

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Tailor your payments with Phoenix Pay's pioneering technologies

Make single or bulk payments. Automate pay outs to be realized at your convenience. Pay with credit card or bank transfer in over 140 currencies
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Ease off hiring, payroll and tax responsibilities

Save on time and costs associated with hiring full-time employees. Minimize your payroll and accounting responsibilities by working with independent talents.
Cut Back on Hiring Costs
Reduce your administrative burden

Save time, money and resources owing to tax deductible invoices from independent professionals you work with.
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Onboard global solo talents with local compliance

Work securely with unincorporated freelancers as you comply with regulations. Sign legally binding contracts and NDAs with talents to ensure safety and compliance.
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Enjoy safety while onboarding with Phoenix Pay's verification checks

Let Phoenix Pay handle identification checks on each talent through automated AML and KYC processes.
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