International Remittance App
Enabling fast and safe cross-border transfers and Fx.

Location: Australia
Fintech No Code development
The Story

Pico Pay is an Australian funds remittance service provider and currency exchange dealer. They want to break the traditional barriers for currencies by providing convenient and reliable services to its customers at the lowest possible cost.

The Solution

Fintech No Code deployed its development on bubble and performed required integrations and customizations within 1 month. It includes a user mobile app (digital wallet) and an admin web app.

The Features

  • Individual and corporate users.
  • Currency exchange with real-time exchange rates retrieved from Currencycloud every hour.
  • P2P nationwide and overseas transfers processed by Currencycloud payment engine.
  • Automated ID verification & KYC via Jumio integration.
  • Email notifications.
  • OTP (One Time Password) and notifications via SMS (Plivo).
  • Live chat.

The Outcome

Relying on Fintech No Code technology, Pico Pay launched the application that helps users make international and domestic P2P transfers and exchange currencies. It is now live and available in Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan.
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