Luxury Bazaar - web platform for pawnshop

Brief review: Tools, features, platforms

Tool: FlutterFlow
Platform: desktop web + mobile responsive
Development time: 1 month

What we have done:

  • Landing page
  • Registration and sign-in flow for all types of users
  • The flow of requests for estimated price for the watches
  • Messenger with manager
  • Bidding system
  • Watches sending and flow + payment
  • Link to the platform
Meet Avi from Florida, entrepreneur of the pawnshop
  • Avi
    Founder of Luxury Bazaar
Avi - entrepreneur from Florida. He has been leading a pawnshop in Florida, but they work across the US. They have a very famous channel about watches

The idea of the startup

The idea of the marketplace — users can get an estimation of the price of their watches, negotiate it with a manager and receive a payment after sending the watches.

Client’s requirements for the app MVP

  • Avi has developed a Figma design. He wanted a fully functional service in the 1st version, MVP, with the user flow for adding watches, estimating their price by admins, chatting, payments, and an admin dashboard for managing users. Web version + mobile responsive

Result. Step by step development

1) We got and review the design from the client

Avi has already created the design for web and mobile versions

2) We started to transfer the landing page and customer's dashboard to FlutterFlow

2) We started to work with the admin side and transfer it to FlutterFlow also

Difficult filtering and messaging system, adding statuses, and so on

3) It's time for integrations

We connected the messaging system via SendGrid, Escrow, Google Analytics, WordPress, Zapier, and several small integrations

4) Have Luxury Bazaar on your mobile also

To complete the project, we added responsive for mobile devices

Product presentation

1) Landing page - swipe!

On the landing page, users can learn about the project. You can look through the screenshots to see it in more detail

2) Watches adding flow - swipe!

On the landing page, you can offer your watches and get a price offer

3) Messaging system

Users can communicate with admins on the platform via the internal messaging system. Also images can be attached to the message

3) Order flow - we can't show it. It is NDA

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